Relax Massage

It treats persistent aches and pains as well as constricted areas such a stiff neck and upper back, low back discomfort, leg muscle tightness, and aching shoulders. It helps you with the blood circulation and  overall wellness of your body.

Sport Massage

It aids in the prevention of injuries as well as the treatment of injuries which you already have. It improves blood circulation, muscle performance, and flexibility while also assisting your body in loosening muscle tension. To reach the deepest layers of muscle, we’ll use slow but firm pressure to soften the tight muscles.

Hot stone Massage

 It promotes deep relaxation of your body’s muscles and tissues, as well as pain relief, improved circulation, stress reduction, and a sense of tranquility. It will also improve circulation and joint flexibility while reducing muscular spasms and tension.

Hot oil Massage

 Here we use Traditional Tibetan oil JUKNUEM AGAR DATHAR , Juknuem agar dathar is prepared on the basis of herbal ingredients for pacifying loong disorders. As stated in Tibetan Medical Text, its regular application will assist in relieving physical and mental strain thus keeps mind and body fresh and light, enhances memory and blood circulation, reduces excess body fat, relaxes muscles, ligaments, nerves and regenerates body cells.

Cupping Massage

 During the cupping massage, we will place cups on your skin for several minutes to produce suction during cupping. The suction aid in increasing blood flow. When you set the cup on your skin, it pulls the skin and muscle upward into the cup. Cupping improves blood circulation. This may help to alleviate muscle tension, allowing for better overall blood flow and cell repair.

Feet Massage

 It entails applying various levels of pressure on your feet in order to relieve pain and stress, promote sound sleep, enhance blood circulation, and relieve pressure and strain on your feet. It is beneficial to persons who suffer from arthritis and foot pain.

Chair Massage

After a chair massage, the client feels energized, rejuvenated, valued and relaxed. It can work wonders for your body, your mental state and your sense of well-being and happiness. Lowers anxiety, Increases circulation and Boosts immune system.


It entails soaking your feet in warm water, removing old nail polish, clipping and cleaning toenails, exfoliating and rinsing your feet clean, digging out gunk, massage, and the application of moisturizers and lotions.